Apply to join DUP by submitting the form below. Anyone interested in joining DUP should read our statutes here before applying for membership 

Label members accepts DUP's Code of Conduct and will take any necessary steps to implement the necessary practises needed to live up to our code.

An active label membership costs 2,375.00 DKK and an add-on fee of 1,000.00 DKK per additional vote gained as per DUP's statutes (learn more here). All fees are exclusive of VAT if applicable. Apart from dedicated politic representation locally and internationally, an active membership gives you access to our entire range of membership benefits such as the ability to participate in our events, request councelling and much more.

A passive label membership is free. It exclusively consists of email communication and the information available on our members' area.

Finally we offer likeminded businesses to join DUP as a Partner. Being a DUP Partner gives access to an array of unique ways to get exposure within one of the most exciting sectors of the music industry, the independent scene. Prices start at 3,000.00 DKK per year.

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